Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Supporting Actress Survey: The Beginning/The Untouched

It's about time to get this show on the road. Even with the extension, I didn't get as many comments or ballots as I would've liked, but have ultimately decided to go ahead with the postign anyway. If you have yet to send a ballot, but wish to send your thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment. Over the next few days, I'll be posting the bests and worsts, along with the runners-ups to each.

HOWEVER. To warm up to the occasion I'm going to post the names of those ladies that were untouched by our voters, good or bad:

Alice Brady - In Old Chicago (1937)
Mary Astor - The Great Lie (1941)
Katina Paxinou - For Whom The Bell Tolls (1943)
Ethel Barrymore - None But The Lonely Heart (1944)
Anne Revere - National Velvet (1945)
Anne Baxter - The Razor's Edge (1946)
Josephine Hull - Harvey (1950)
Wendy Hiller - Separate Tables (1959)
Eileen Heckart - Butterflies are Free (1972)
Lee Grant - Shampoo (1975)
Olympia Dukakis - Moonstruck (1987)
Marcia Gay Harden - Pollock (2000)

Any objections to these unvoted ladies? (I'm personally surprised that Dukakis remained untouched for both best and worst, though I would put her in the latter if I were to vote for her.) Is there anybody here that you think gave an awful performance? Or anybody that really deserved to be voted for? Feel free to leave a comment!

Come back tomorrow for the Runner Ups for the Best!


  1. Dukakis almost made my list of the best, but I was afraid I was going to be too 80s heavy, so I let her go. I considered Josephine Hull for the best, but she got pruned from the final 8 or 9. None of the rest were contenders for my worst list.

  2. I must agree with the above comment about Olympia Dukakis; she also almost made my list and was certainly in my top 10 with Lee Grant in my top 15.

  3. I would put Lee Grant on my best list. The only Supporting Actress winner who gave a truly awful performance is Jennifer Hudson. Her singing is top notch, but the acting is most certinley not.

  4. Lee Grant was awful.
    I wrote more about her here: